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Let me introduce myself. I'm Jessica Alarcon, the new owner of Carpet Hero.

Carpet Hero began in 1995 by owner and friend Marty Emry and his son as a two man crew, who became certified in many areas of cleaning. Then as now, Carpet Hero's services included carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, carpet repair, water damage clean up, vinyl cleaning, and pressure washing. Marty trained many people over the years to be experts in cleaning and customer service, showing care and concern for each customer's needs. Whether it was for a commercial or residential job, his motto was "the customer always comes first". This ethic and his field of expertise have been passed on to all of us at Carpet Hero. Over the years the company has grown, to scheduling three trucks & several cleaning crews. When the opportunity came to own the business, I took it immediately, knowing the quality and professionalism I would be investing in.

Carpet Hero’s Professional Cleaning Services:

We are picky about how your job looks when we are finished. We want you to tell your friends, neighbors, and relatives about the great cleaning work Carpet Hero did for you! You deserve the best, so our job is to make sure you are completely satisfied and that we have gone well beyond your expectations to bring you the best results.

Our professionally trained technician will do a walk through with you to determine your needs and the best method to achieve your goals. We will explain all our methods and make sure you get answers to any questions you may have.


are specially formulated to fit your surfaces' cleaning needs using cleaning agents best suited for the application. Our processes are kids, pets, and environmentally friendly. Plus our cleaning agents are rinsed off with fresh hot steam, leaving no residue behind.

Carpet Hero's

Steam Cleaning Machines

are truck mounted and have “the authority to clean”, as my dad puts it. Our truck-mounted systems far outperform any rented or portable machines in steam and vacuum horsepower. We always use fresh water at every job–nothing is ever recycled from a previous job. Clean water flows into our equipment, heats to 225 degrees to produce steam, then this steam is fed through a pressurized system into the cleaning tool. Our system applies the steam and simultaneously vacuum-extracts the removed soil and dirt into our truck's holding tank.

Steam Cleaning

is used to clean and rinse all the dirt, grease, stains and cleaning agent off your surfaces, leaving only a clean, “NO STICKY RESIDUE” surface behind.


is used for those extra tough jobs that have high traffic such as churches, commercial buildings and Doctors' offices. (Upholstery, tile, etc does not benefit from Encapsulation.)

Carpet Grooming

is our final procedure for “cut pile” carpet. This speeds up the drying time and restores your carpet to its original, professionally finished appearance.

Stain Removal

is usually done on dry floor surfaces prior to carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, to ensure maximum stain removal product effectiveness. Common household stains such as Red Stain, pet stains, urine, wax, and gum are usually easily remedied with Carpet Hero’s expert Stain Removers and trained technicians.

Pet Urine Treatments

require the maximum amount of dwell time for our products to be the most effective. The cleaning approach to urine damage is determined by the level of cleaning required. We will grade the damage as Level One, Two, Three, or Four and will ask several questions to determine the best remedy for your carpet. Damage to your carpet is sometimes difficult to determine with the naked eye, or nose, so we also offer other ways to get the full scope when you or we suspect Fido has left more than what we can actually see.

Carpet Stretching and Carpet Repairs

are done prior to cleaning. Carpet Hero will do minor carpet repairs and carpet stretching for carpet that will be cleaned at the same service call. Carpet Hero will also repair carpet that has pulled away from a transition strip, seams, wrinkles, tears and resections where carpet needs to be replaced as requested.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

is a Carpet Hero specialty. We use Grout Brighteners to brighten up that dull grout and Grout Sealer for unsealed grout. We recommend sealing your grout to prevent deep permanent stains from spills.

Stain Guard,

a protecting agent, is for the customer who wants the optimum effectiveness for their cleaning investment. Fabrics and carpets clean much more easily after having Stain Guard applied. Similar to the original manufacturer protectant for carpets and upholstery, our Stain Guard offers complete fiber penetration for maximum protection from re-soiling and spills. This product is also people, pet and environment friendly.

Pricing and Availability

Carpet Hero will offer our best priced deal for your cleaning application! Ask about our Carpet Cleaning Coupons, Carpet Cleaning Discounts and ongoing House Cleaning Specials and Commercial Cleaning Discounts. We have a minimum charge that is the same for everyone. We do not charge extra for mileage, Saturdays or Evening scheduled appointments.  We will even let you choose our best discount available. Our prices are low, competitive and our services are guaranteed. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Check or good old American cash.

Carpet Hero technicians are available for Residential Cleaning Services by appointment Monday through Friday 9 AM  to 6 PM and Saturdays as availability permits.

Commercial Cleaning Services appointment times are accomodated by the need of the business.


Our wish is for you to be satisfied–no, ecstatic!–with the services you paid for or we will come back at no charge to redo the job for you.

We will work hard for your referral. So please give us a call, and then let us know how we did! Carpet Hero, 503-838-0869.

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