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Carpet Cleaning Tips:

New pup­py? Oc­ca­sion­al­ly our pets leave us with "de­po­sits" that are per­plex­ing.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Hero has se­ver­al me­thods of pet odor and stain re­me­di­a­tion, de­pen­dent on con­tent, dye, length of time e­lap­sed and odor lev­el. We of­fer cus­to­mers a re­com­men­da­tion based on the a­bove, and when fol­lowed, GUARANTEE SATISFACTION.

As with most spills, they have the potential to permanently stain your carpet and upholstery. Carpet Hero offers SOIL BLOCKER. Soil Blocker is designed to "block" wet and dry soiling, including oily & greasy spills. Soil Blocker will dry in about 2 hrs, which is a 70% faster drying time than other protectors. With no water added, it is 5 times more concentrated than other products.

Soil Blocker is pet and baby safe.



Blot the stain with a dry, absorbent cloth

. Gently press down lightly and soak up the liquid. Wring out the cloth and repeat until all the liquid is absorbed.


Apply a carpet cleaning solution to the spot on the carpet

. Use an enzyme carpet cleaner. Enzymes will remove the bacteria in pet urine, feces and vomit. Enzyme cleaners are low on the pH scale, making them efficient cleaners for pet stains. Avoid any cleaners that are alkaline, such as Resolve. High alkaline products are formulated to loosen normal stains, but on a high pH stain like urine, it could have the opposite effect and set the stain into the carpet.


Scrub lightly with a soft brush on the surface of the carpet

. Do not press down or scrub rigorously. Heavy scrubbing can force the stain deeper into the carpet and could ruin the fibers.


Saturate the stain with hot water

. Because the pH level rises with the age of the stain, use a 2-to-1 proportion mixture of hot water and vinegar on stains that are over 24 hours old. The vinegar will help to neutralize the stain and condition the carpet.


Soak up the hot water with a clean cloth

. Continue blotting and removing the water from the carpet until most of the moisture has been removed. If you have a wet vac, you can use that to extract the water from the rug.


Repeat these steps if the stain persists

. Multiple treatments of the hot water extraction method may be needed, depending on the stain.

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